My next Neighbor Episode 8

It has been four weeks since my ordeal with Linda and I haven’t been seeing her often like before and even when we see, we just greet each other like we don’t know each other. I had to put everything behind me; I tried to forget Linda and what we had. I also tried avoiding Jemima too so I changed my Simcard and I decided to be on a low-key. The only time I do leave my house is to go to school and church. Our first semester exams is fast approaching, I really needed to prepare very well for it because I don’t want to disappoint my parent at all, they believe so much in me.

I was in school one day chilling under a shed around my department’s lecture hall when this strange number called me, it was when I picked it I discovered it was Linda, Gosh I wonder where she got my number from. She told me she wanted to see me and that it was very urgent. I told her I am in school that when I am at home, I will give her a call and she said no problem. When I dropped the call, I began to wonder why Linda of all people will want to see now, various thoughts kept popping on my mind like maybe she wants to apologize or she still has feelings for me but any which way, I wasn’t going to let her have her way again.

I finished my lecture that day around 6p.m; I was very tired and exhausted. I managed to drive home; I totally forgot that I planned on calling Linda that evening. Immediately I got to my room, I fell on my bed and slept off without even eating. I woke up 7a.m the next day. I lazily stood up from the bed and  went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath, when I was done I picked up my phone to check my whatsapp messages  and I saw ten missed calls all from Linda and it was then I remembered that we planned on seeing yesterday. I called her back and I explained to her how I got home tired yesterday, how I slept off and woke up this morning and I apologized. She said no problem that she is coming to my room soon. She showed up 30 minutes later and she just went straight to the point, what she said shocked the living dead out of me that I almost collapsed. She said “Ray, I am pregnant and the pregnancy belongs to you”. I felt my whole world crumbling before my very eyes, what am I going to do now? ……….


– Written by Nifemi

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