My next Neighbor Episode 7

“Won’t you let me in uncle “, Linda said and tried to push me away from the door. Even though I knew Linda would come sooner or later, I just wasn’t expecting her that moment and not even this my trying times that I have so much on my head and come to think of it, she might start to think that I have feelings for her which cannot even happen, never! Not in this lifetime. Linda is a beautiful, curvy and amazing girl, quite agree and she can cook very well too, but I just don’t have a thing for her and I don’t know why it is like that. “Ray! Ray!! Raymond!!!” I heard Linda calling my name, I was lost in deep thought that I totally forgot anyone was around. “Hey Linda, what’s up with you” I decided to play it cool. “I am very fine o Raymond, she replied, I am here to talk to you about what happened between us earlier today. Ray I …..”.

Before she could complete her statement, I quickly cut it short, I decided to pour out my mind, and it was now or never. “Linda what happened between us this morning was a mistake that should not have happened and I don’t blame you, I blame myself for being so stupid, and I shouldn’t have done it” I noticed her countenance changed but I care less at this point, I was going to spill it all out and get everything off my head. “But what was I supposed to do, imagine I asked Jemmy to date me and she declined giving me all sorts of excuses, I had to clear my head so I want to a bar and drank myself to stupor, I ended up calling you and we ended up having s3x. Linda you are a good girl but trust me when I say this: I don’t love you, I have tried developing feelings for you but it just won’t. The only girl I ever truly loved has turned me down and I am not ready to love another, even if I will, it’s not going to be anytime soon, Linda I hope you understand me, I really hope you do. ”

After saying everything, I felt this unusual calmness, relieved and I am kind of happy that I finally gave Linda a piece of my mind. Linda sighed, I knew she was not happy with everything I said but at this junction I don’t want to care at all, after few seconds of being quiet she finally spoke up and she said “Raymond Adams, uhmmm, I heard Everything u said but just when I thought you are finally having feeling for me, here you are telling me stories that touch, where was your brain when you were having s3x with me, you didn’t know that the love wasn’t there? Or did I force you to sleep with me. Because of Jemmy, you are turning me down. I just don’t know the kind of world we are in, you love someone and she doesn’t love u in return and here I am loving you and you don’t love me, But anyways, the s3x we had was real and I can’t forget it because it is one of the best thing that has happened to me lately, this isn’t over yet Ray. ” Linda said this and she stormed out of the house , I was dumbfounded, I thought she was going to understand and act like nothing happened between us but I was wrong…….


– Written by Nifemi

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