My next Neighbor Episode 6

I woke up around 10:45am, I don’t know whether to be remorse about what I did or not but two things were clear; sex with Linda was great and I don’t love her 1 bit.  I went to the bathroom to shower, it was when I was dressing up that Linda woke up. We greeted each other and she went to the bathroom too but before she came back, I quickly packed the rest of my stuffs and left her room. I went straight to the bar to get my room key and luckily for me, the bar attendant saw the key and kept it for the owner, I thanked him and left. When I got to the front of my Lodge, I prayed to God not to see Linda, I knew we were still going to talk but I was not ready for the talk yet. I opened my door hurriedly and I shut it as fast as I could. I laid on my bed thinking about what happened between Linda and I earlier………

I was lost in deep thought, it was my phone ringtone that made me jolt. When I checked my phone, I saw 5 missed calls and it was all from Jemima, I didn’t bother to call her back but after few seconds she called me back and I picked it.

“Hey ray, Good afternoon, I have been trying your line since yesterday but you haven’t been picking up my calls, are you alright?”. I didn’t even know what to say to her but Anyways I gave her the reply that came to my head that moment ” Jemmy, I am okay, just forget I ever asked you out, you want us to be friends right?, no problem I am very cool with it”. “Ray come on, don’t play the victim here, it is not what you think, I was not expecting it to turn out this way, I thought the feelings you have for me is that of friendship, i never knew it was developing, I am very sorry, ok?, replied jemmy”.

“I have heard you, no problem ooo and I hanged up”. I didn’t even let her reply because I was already getting irritated. I stood up from my bed and I went to the kitchen to get something to eat because I was already hungry and besides I don’t joke with my food even if I am sick. I quickly prepared spaghetti, fired plantain with beef, it was while I was eating my food that I heard a knock on the door, even though I wasn’t expecting any visitor, I quickly rushed to open the door without even asking for the name of the person and the person I saw shocked the hell out of me, it was the least person I was expecting at that moment though…. …… Guess who??…………..

– Written by Nifemi

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