My next Neighbor Episode 10


I started shivering but I managed to pick the call and settled my mind for the worst, he told me that he just wanted to check up on me and to ask me if I needed anything. We talked for while and he hanged up. I heaved a sigh of relieve.

I was lost in deep thoughts one day in class when someone tapped me and when I turned to look at the person, it was Linda’s friend Jessica. “We need to talk Raymond, give me your number so I can hit u up later in the evening”. I didn’t even say anything, I just gave her the number and she left. I was just wondering, what Jessica will want to talk to me about. I got home still devastated; I don’t know whether to call my parent and explain to them first before Linda does because if she gets to them first then I am done for. I then decided to go home the next day and face my fears. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and it was while I was in the kitchen that I heard my phone ring, I quickly rushed to pick the call but then it was a strange number.

I picked it up and it was when the caller introduced herself that I discovered that it was Jessica. She told me that we should meet around 6pm and that she will text me the address of the restaurant, she said I should be punctual that she has some other stuffs to attend to. I said okay and hanged up. I kept wondering on why she was bent on seeing me, we have never really talked before except the first time Linda introduced her to me as her best friend.

I hope these two ladies are not up to any mischief because this time I won’t fall for their tricks. I quickly prepared my food and when it was 5:30pm I set out to the place so I could get there early, I got there at about 6:05pm and I met Jessica going through a fashion magazine, she looked at me and said that I am late, I smiled and said “madam it is just 5 minutes behind schedule, am sorry”.

She offered me a sit and she started “Ray, even though we have not really been talking in the past that does not mean I should not look out for you. I and Linda has been friends since primary school and trust me she tells me everything that happens to her, she trusts me and treats me like her blood. What I am about telling you may seem like am betraying her but deep down it feels like am helping someone and am very happy and I also want you to promise me that you won’t tell her that I told you anything. Raymond you are not the father of Linda’s unborn child, it is for one Charles David. I will tell you everything that you need to know, I just opened my mouth and I couldn’t utter a word, what is Jessica saying.


– Written by Nifemi

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