Man starts ‘gender war’ after he tweets “I cringe at how some ladies talk to Uber drivers.You can be polite and nice. It doesn’t cost much”

If only you guys know what it takes drive in Lagos. This Lagos that for any road offence, you bail yourself with more than what you earn/ will earn that day.
You are a bit scared of the yet known destinations especially at night.
You are scared of the unknown passenger sitting behind or beside you.
You are silently praying the passengers destination is not through a bad road because a driver knows how much he spends maintaining his/her car and most especially some riders literally litter/ dirty the car and ask you to dispose their diets for them. (ITS ANNOYING).
I once got a ride request from a bar around Ikeja in Lagos, on getting there I was met by 5 matured ladies (3 plus sized). They all wanted to squeeze themselves into the car which I refused politely. But because they were all feeling high and happy they started yelling at and abusing me saying I was rude and inconsiderate.
Some of this ladies are online saying blablabla about drivers.
Yeah I know some drivers overstep their boundaries, but between me and you, there are only a very few of them out there.
It’s well sha. Thank God we are not were we used to be.
And for riders not happy with the “Please where are you going to” calls you get, , , , , , , , it’s because not every destination is worth going to. Some ride requests are to another state.
Uber should do well and allow drivers see riders destination to lessing/avoid this.

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