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Sometimes all you want to do is wear a gorgeous dress, get your face beat by Bibyonce or Anita Brows; slip into killer heels and enjoy the night out with your friends or attend that swanky event. But there is a pandemic tearing up the world, so we turn up virtually! Our COVID slay game is on another realm!

There are times when we have to face serious issues and like the amazons we are, we can switch up when the need arises. There is nothing like the #GIRLBOSS. Other times, we head for social media for some real truths and we dish it or get served!

One of the biggest topics on Nigerian Twitter this weekend was addiction and substance abuse. @UnclePamilerin; @dr_khalidz; @BiyiThePlug; @papaya_ex; @blvck_Witch and some other popular handles asked random questions about pills, weed, codeine and other substances. The answers were definitely interesting, and some had us picking our teeth off the floor!

Here are our top 9 moments from the conversation:

1. The Ones Who Have Never: In a game of ‘Never Have I’, these ones would never get to take a sip if they were asked about substance abuse, and it’s inspiring. Over 70% voted that they had never indulged. 

2. The Bid Doubters: A few were convinced that other twitter users were lying out of their noses and didn’t have the courage to ‘fess up! Could that be true?

3. The Scary Curious Ones: There were some who had never tasted a pill or abused any substance but were curious. Why would you be, honey? Addiction kills! We loved how a Queen replied one of the comments with a snap, “You Say wetin??????”!!

4. The Really Scary Ones: A few were bold to share their real thoughts on marijuana and why it should be legalized! First of all, we are in Nigeria, thank you very much. And no, no no no! That’s all there is to say about that!

5. The Ones with The Horror Stories: And many had a lot to say. @ogeridam spoke of how she almost slept herself to death. There were a lot of puking and swirling innards. Okay, we’ll stop.

6. The Lucky Ones Who Got Smart: A couple of young Nigerians shared how they thought it would help at first but found out the truth and decided to stop. Another person just got smart and stayed away. However, you get to the point of staying away from drugs, just stay that way.

7. The Ones Who Are Goals: A user piped up and said they have never used and would never use. Now, that’s another way to go!

8. The Shocked Ones: A few couldn’t even relate and were bothered that people moved from taking ‘Purple Drank’ (codeine syrup) – that was already harmful enough – to substances with even more dreadful effects. We are as shocked as you are.

9. The Strong Ones: A very courageous user shared how he wished he had never tried any substance and that he was focusing on stopping. However, he was still having withdrawal symptoms. Love and light to you @fromthemgsouth, you can do it.

Now, you understand why we say it’s interesting. There is a lot to understand about the Nigerian youth and the problem of addiction. So much! There were a lot of comments and more are still pouring in!

That’s why we are excited about MTN’s Drug Convos this Friday. The MTN Foundation is collaborating with one of Africa’s largest youth voices, MTV Base; Nigeria’s leading business newspaper, Business Day; UNODC and the NETNG.

From 1:30 pm on Friday, June 26, 2020, all eyes will be on the Drug Convos. From artistes, to business executives, medical professionals and more. Which means, if you want a real version of this twitter conversation, with real people sharing their stories register HERE before all the slots are gone. You can also follow all the conversations with #MTNASAP #FactsForSolidarity on social media.

Stay safe!

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