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Around the 18th century, the British empire was in economy crisis and in a bid to make end meet they decided to explore other nations around them. During this period some group of people from Britain found their way to Nigeria, On discovering a vast tropical rain forest and a mass of black people with no civilization they decide to colonize them.

Several years after,some young folks rise up and decide to take revenge by performing cyber crime giving it different street name like “yahoo”,”wire-wire” e.t.c

Unknown to them,it another means of putting themselves into another slavery.
According to Nigeria communication commission, 100million Nigerian use internet daily,kindly calculate with me,assuming each Nigerian use #10 on Internet daily multiply by 100milliion,the simple calculation result to 100,000,000,can’t you see,Nigeria pay 100,000,000 daily to people who colonize us in a bid to take revenge.
Let examine further,the social media outlets in which this frauds are perform belong to this people, our phones,laptops and other technological gadgets are being import from this people.

Excuse me,who is colonizing who, it time Nigeria youth focus on things that worth while and develop our dear nation to meet the standard of people who colonize us, that when we could say we revenge.
Let take Switzerland for example,they have no mineral resources,yet they rule the world indirectly, they have headquarters of many international organizations with them like WHO,OPEC and so on but our dear Nigeria with many resources couldn’t even boast of any. It time we remove the chain of slavery from our brain and push our dear nation forward.
May God help us all.


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